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Since 2004, the founder of Houghton Street Consulting has been providing consulting services and solutions in more than ten different business sectors. After a decade of working in the consulting business, Houghton Street Consulting was established to provide professional and unique business solutions to international schools, SMEs companies and MNCs.


Our Mission

We believe every client is unique therefore we always provide tailor made service and solution to our client. We also believe time is more valuable than money and we want to use our excellence and intelligence to help your business become more successful. We hired a group of top level professionals only from those top level universities globally to serve our client well. If you simply want to save the money, don't talk to us as we are not the right fit; if you want to save your time and make your business more successful, we are here for you!

Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes
— George Soros, Most Controversial Billionaire, LSE Alumni

What we focus

  • Employee benefit solutions for international schools, SMEs & MNCs.
  • HR Outsourcing Service including expatriates staff hiring and re-locating.
  • Third party service package provider to financial institutions.
  • General business consulting
  • Managing General Underwriting
  • Market strategy analysis and provide innovation plans.
  • Insurance and re-insurance brokerage service.
  • Legal advice and local survey service for multi-national M&A business